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Assortment of Five Crushed Dates Varieties

Rs. 580.00

At Ambrosia Delicatessen, only absolutely genuine Dates are pitted, processed and packaged for ready consumption.
An assortment of Five Crushed Dates Varieties. These are individually wrapped. Dates are a rich source of Natural Iron, Potassium and a variety of B-Complex Vitamins. 

  • Vegetarian
  • No artificial flavours.
  • Contains 1.Dates, Almond, Pistachio, Sesame Seeds, and Butter. 2. Dates, Coffee, Marie Biscuit. 3. Dates, Almond and Butter 4. Dates, Marzipan, Lemon Peel, and Butter. 5. Dates Almond, Pistachio, Butterscotch, and Butter
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Shelf life is 180 Days
  • Once Opened store in a refrigerator