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Achari Mathi

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Title: 300 g

Charvik brand has been created by passionate and learned foodies, who have been culinary & technical experts in the food field. Equal importance has been given to individual ingredient quality while designing the products. While manufacturing utmost care is taken towards maintaining hygiene and quality standards of the products. Traditional Mathis, stuffed with pickled spices and deep-fried in Groundnut Oil.

  • Vegetarian
  • Contains Wheat Flour (maida), Refined Ground Nut Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, Mango Paste, Iodized Salt, Red Chilly Powder, Mixed Spices & Condiments, Black Salt, Gram Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Carom Seeds, Acidity regulator (INS 260), and Asafoetida.
  • Shelf life is 40 days
  • Store In Refrigerator.
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