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Ecosvasthya Desi Kankrej Cow A2 Ghee (Bilona Churned) 500ml

Rs. 885.00
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About our cows?

The breed of Desi cows called “Kankrej” is found in the arid regions of Kutch.

How is our Ghee made?

A2 milk is boiled and left to cool down at normal temperature. Once warm, it is converted to yogurt overnight. Yogurt is bilona churned in the traditional Vedic process to make makkhan, which gets extracted in another container and boiled over stove to produce Ghee. This bi-directional churning process increases the medicinal properties. The leftover is just buttermilk and there is no milk left to be consumed again.

    Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee?

    • It helps rid the body of toxins by lubricating the colon and thus leads to tissue rejuvenation.
    • Helps to keep joints supple and takes care of minor common ailments such as insomnia, hair fall and eye problems.
    • Packed with butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid helps in better digestion.
    • Has a high smoke point and is safe for cooking
    • Contains anti-inflammatory properties

    How to use EcoSvasthya Desi Cow Ghee?

    As Desi Cow Ghee has a high smoke point, it is better for cooking. Food cooked in Desi Cow Ghee is more nutritious and helps in better digestion. Ghee can be applied on rotis and eaten with rice, khichdi or porridge.

    EcoSvasthya Desi Cow Ghee shelf life?

    EcoSvasth Desi Cow Ghee has a shelf life of upto 12 months from the Date of Packaging. It should be stored in a cool dry place.