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Hand Made Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Urukku Velichenna / Ventha Velichenna) - Dehydrated Coconut Milk Oil - from The Land of Coconuts

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Handmade virgin coconut oil (Urukku Velichenna/Ventha Velichenna) is an age old health and beauty care product preserving all the essential nutrients of coconut and it is considered as pure as mother’s milk, prepared from the milk of matured and organically grown coconuts. This is the traditional way of making coconut oil with hand. This is made from organic coconuts and the entire process of making this coconut oil is handmade only. This is the most difficult way of coconut oil making as virgin coconut oil making now are completely machine processed and now nobody makes this way of processing virgin coconut oil due to its time consuming process. It is prepared only in traditional Kerala brass vessel. This is heat treated oil preserving more phenolic content that helps strong anti oxidant property that keeps skin and hair healthy and more youthful. Urukku Velichenna is highly recommended for baby massage and also for newly born infants. This was mentioned in ayurveda as a medicine for many skin diseases and beauty care uses.

  • Contains 100% pure handmade virgin coconut oil.
  • Shelf life is 360 days
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Weight, Pack Size: 200 ml