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Instant Sabudana Khichadi

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Total Weight, Pack Size: 400 g, (200 g x 2 Pack)
Dhanashree Gruha Udyog presents you ready to cook delicious vegetarian sabudana khichadi with ingredients like sago, groundnut powder, ghee, cumin seeds, green chilli, sugar, salt. Directions for Preparation: 1. Soak Sabudana Khichadi Mix in 100 ml. water for 25 minutes and put lid on it. 2. Steam it for 5 minutes. Microwave: Cook the soaked Sabudana Khichadi Mix for 2 minutes at 250 W and 2 mins at 900 W. Tip: Garnish with coriander leaves, grated coconut and lemon juice. You can cook in pressure cooker till 1 whistle. This product requires no added ingredients, just add water and cook and product is complete Indian style cuisine. Maharashtrian upwas khichdi is an authentic and light Sago recipe which is most commonly served during fasting. • Sago pearls stir fried over ghee with groundnut powder, chilies and cumin seeds and eaten with chilled sweetened curd/yogurt makes your fasting more divine. No added colours, No Chemicals, No Preservative..
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains Sago, groundnut powder, ghee, cumin seeds, green chilli, sugar, salt.
  • Shelf life is 180 days.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
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