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JAGS Pure Honey

Sold by Jags, Amritsar
Original price Rs. 225 - Original price Rs. 730
Original price
Rs. 225
Rs. 225 - Rs. 730
Current price Rs. 225
Weight, Pack Size: 220 g
JAGS Honey comes from the nector of flowers in the Himalayan forests of Kashmir bearing Acacia Karoo tree. It is light in color, mild sweet taste, natural pure unadulterated and is 100% free from preservatives, full of natural nutrients. Honey is must in your kitchen as it is a healthy food. if you’re ready to incorporate JAGS honey into your diet, then check out these benefits. Acne cure – It can be used as an affordable face cleanser to fight off acne, gentle on sensitive/all skin types. Take half a teaspoon, warm between hands and spread on face gently, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Exfoliator – Honey makes a great exfoliator! Use honey on dry winter skin by adding two cups of honey to a bath, soak for 15 minutes, then add one cup of baking soda for the final 15 minutes. Improve diabetes – Consumption of JAGS honey can reduce risk of developing diabetes and help aid medication used to treat diabetes. JAGS honey increases insulin and decreases hyperglycemia. Add a little at a time and see how your blood sugar reacts to it. Restore Sleep – JAGS honey promotes restorative sleep. Add a tablespoon to warm milk to help increase melatonin and help you sleep. Pre-biotic support – JAGS honey is full of natural prebiotics which promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. Improve allergies – If sourced locally, JAGS honey can help reduce seasonal allergies.
  • Vegetarian
  • Shelf life is 12 Months
  • Store at room temperature in an air-tight container