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Wishing your a Very Happy & Delightful Diwali :)
Wishing your a Very Happy & Delightful Diwali :)

Desert Bloom Honeym

Rs. 342.00
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Kiwi Desert Bloom Honey has its origin in Rajasthan,India.It is a natural zero additive honey collected from beehives where bees collect nectar from flora of desert blooms.It has a unique flavour and a warm golden hue.Makes your crepes,pancakes ,waffles and toast yummy and also adds a distinct flavour if added to smoothies or shakes.Goes well with all baked goodies!Health Benefits: Good source of natural healthy sweet boost of energy and a source of amino acids and antioxidants thus considered a booster of immunity and also helps in soothing gastrointestinal ailments and aids digestion.Allergy Advice: In rare cases ,natural honey can cause allergic reactions due to pollen & bee parts.
  • Vegetarian I Suitable for Vegan
  • Contains Desert Bloom Honeym.
  • Shelf life is 360 days
  • Store in a cool and dry place.