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Wishing your a Very Happy & Delightful Diwali :)
Wishing your a Very Happy & Delightful Diwali :)

Mahua Honeym

Rs. 449.00
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Kiwi Mahua Honey has a distinct woody flavour. It’s a much darker chocolate hue than other varieties of honey.Mahua Honey is collected from beehives of Mahua Tree also called Semal.The bark of mahua tree is believed to cure diabetes, while its flowers are said to relieve constipation, hemorrhoids and eye infections and aid in bronchitis symptoms. Use mahua honey’s distinct flavour to add a delicious twist to roasted or grilled meat or to marinades.A baker’s delight as it adds that extra flavour in a plain cookie or cake. Unpasteurized, unprocessed and unheated honey. Use as a Natural Healthier choice of Sweetener. Safe for Ayurvedic & Natural Remedies. Allergy Advice: In rare cases,Natural unprocessed honey can cause allergic reactions due to pollen & bee parts.
  • Vegetarian I Suitable for Vegan
  • Contains Mahua Honeym.
  • Shelf life is 360 days
  • Store in a cool and dry place.