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Kulith Rice

Original price Rs. 260 - Original price Rs. 585
Original price
Rs. 260
Rs. 260 - Rs. 585
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Total Weight, Pack Size: 400 g, (100 g x 4 Pack)
Dhanashree Gruha Udyog presents you ready to prepare delicious and nutritious Daliya with ingredients like Rice, Horse gram (Kulith), garlic, rock salt. Directions for Preparation: 1. Add water and cook for two minutes. 2. Stir to avoid lumps. This product requires no added ingredients, just add water and cook and product is complete Indian style cuisine. This multigrain porridge is a traditional way to introduce the goodness of grains and cereals, these are a perfect step by step solution. Rightly crafted taking into consideration the slow digestive system, combinations are made for a wholesome meal. Just add water, cook with the consistency that you love and it is ready to be gulped down with ease. No added colours, No Chemicals, No Preservative.
  • Vegetarian
  • Contains Rice, Horse gram (Kulith), garlic, rock salt.
  • Shelf life is 60 days.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
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