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Raktbeej Honey

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Woody and Warm to Taste, RaktBeej Honey is Dark, Intense, Derived from Shrubs and Trees of Forest instead of Flowers. This Honey is Harvested from Kakraha and Nishangarah Forest range (India-Nepal border) from the bank of Ghagra River. It is Produce of Apis Laboriosa and Apis Darsota honey bee. The Woodland in the Forest region dominated by Teak, Asidh, Bahera, Haldu, Kusuma, Sheora and Gutel trees. It's collected from pollution free and pesticide free remote areas of forest which are known for any indigenous herbs and spices.

  • Vegetarian
  • Contains Raktbeej Honey
  • Shelf life is 540 days
  • Store at room temperature / dry place
Weight: 500 g