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Seedless Assorted Dates from the Middle East

Original price Rs. 690 - Original price Rs. 1,380
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Rs. 690
Rs. 690 - Rs. 1,380
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An assortment of Premium Seedless Omani, Safawi, Mabroom Dates. At Ambrosia Delicatessen, only absolutely genuine high-quality Dates, sourced from The Middle East, are pitted, cleaned, and packaged for ready consumption. No added sugar, 100% Natural Date Product. Extremely healthy and loaded with Nutrition. Dates are a rich source of Natural Iron, Potassium, and a variety of B-Complex Vitamins. 

  • Vegetarian
  • Contains Seedless Dates From Oman, Seedless Safawi & Mabroom Dates from Saudi Arabia
  • Shelf life is 180 Days
  • Once opened store in a refrigerator
Weight, Pack Size: 250 g