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The Indian Paan

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Rs. 300.00

55 percent fine fairtrade Belgian dark chocolate filled truffle bar filled with smooth creamy ganache made of pure rose preserve, betel nut leaves, and cooling authentic "paan" spices (Without the tobacco!). Pure dark chocolate rich in flavonols and  healthy antioxidants that a provide cardiovascular benefits, increase brain alertness, boost metabolism, reduce depression, reduce aging and can even fight diabetes. Chockriti further adds therapeutic extracts of pure teas, flowers, herbs and spices making it truly a superfood.

  • Vegetarian
  • Contains European dark cacao with cane sugar, cacao butter, coconut cream, rose preserve, amla, cathecue, menthol, betel nut leaves, natural vanilla and soy lecithin. 
  • Shelf life is 60 days
  • Keep in cool and dry place