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Very Berry Antioxidant Trail Mix

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Meet the Very Berry Antioxidant Trail Mix.

When berries travel to Indian heartland they get mixed-up with the chatpata masala to give us our very own spice trail. In short Nutty yogi's unique combination of berries fusion with Indian spices to give it a great taste while keeping the health quotient intact.

Chewy, sweet and tart with a little crunch, this tasty super berry mix is loaded with vital vitamins, essential minerals, immune-boosting bioflavonoids and cell-protecting antioxidants

Health Quotient

    • Loaded with Antioxidants
    • Rich in Protein, Vitamins and Energy
    • Best for kids snacks
    • Best as in between sport event snack
    • Best for Weight gain and bodybuilders
    • Stress buster. 

    Flavour: Berries Mix with chatpata flavours

    Usage: A great source of energy, this mix is perfect for hiking fuel, lunch boxes, morning oatmeal, or your favourite dessert recipes

    • Vegetarian I Suitable for vegan
    • Contains Gojiberry 9%, Cranberry 36%, Blueberry 9%, Strawberry 36%, Chat Masala 9%, Salt 1%.
    • Shelf life is 180 days.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.