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From Sindhudurg To You | Good Graze

From Sindhudurg To You, 'Good Graze' brings to you a gem of pure and premium Coconut offerings from a land of divine and authentic coconut harvesting.


From Sindhudurg To You, The goodness of Good Graze comes not only from our product but also from the sacred abode it is harvested in. It is this home composed of plants, birds and animals that grow harmoniously together, enriched with the values of the people of the land, that gives us this exceptional goodness.
Sindhudurg, our home, lies just 500 Km from Mumbai. It is the central port from where our freshly packed products traverse through, to the rest of the Indian subcontinent. Our Ancestral Home Good Graze’s products are grown in the founder's family-owned ancestral plantations. Now in the lineage of the 5th generation, the plantations are surrounded by the biodiversity of over 15,000 plants apart from coconut trees. These include cashew, mango, areca & jackfruit allowing the lands to flourish & also replenish the surrounding village.
The products and their environment are interconnected and inseparable. Our plantations are surrounded by an eco-sensitive forest zone, protecting the area from any contamination or commercialisation from the outside world that could potentially harm its ecosystem. This has made the village and its surrounding areas a safe haven for a variety of plants and animals to breed and live freely and abundantly. It is this environment that allows Good Graze’s coconut culture to flourish.
Good Graze’s coconuts are grown in natural spring water.The source of our coconuts’ nutrition comes fully and directly from the natural spring water immersed in the land. This rare system provides the earth with potent minerals that benefit the fruit-bearing coconut trees. This natural spring water is of high quality & has extensive mineral content. One can only imagine the positive influence this water would have on its surrounding flora and fauna.
The eco-culturally diverse land of Sindhudurg is where we locally source our coconuts from. The gifts that come with this land and the way in which we nurture it are a source of utmost pride for us. From this care and 2700 coconut trees, Good Graze was born. The products we bring to you, have been nurtured and used in our home for years, in delicacies of sweets, traditional curries and skin-care rituals. We use traditional methods to pick and check the maturity of coconuts for these products. This allows us to make good use of the highly educated, tried and tested methods and sustain a native way of life.
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