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Goosebumps Pickles, Mumbai

Goosebumps |

Goosebumps is made by mothers; and being mothers, they’re adamant about their yes and no. Yes to sunlight. No to machines. Yes to good bacteria. No to preservatives. We’re glad to hear the echo from the world as well. Kept alive in the minds and deft hands of every generation, Goosebumps taste a lot like nostalgia. And if you wonder, where does all the flavor in a pickle come from, a visit to our sunny terraces is a must. There, hot gossip is our secret masala and granny tales – the best-known preservative.  Goosebumps are strictly hand-made and definitely vegetarian. All ingredients are quality-checked before sourcing. Made with love, goodness, and care, Goosebumps is your license to indulge.  After all, who doesn’t indulge in the love of mothers?