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Homemakerz by Home & Heritage, Mumbai

When a women-duo from different backgrounds got together to work in a sector very dear to their heart— it gave birth to ‘Homemakerz’. The brainchild of two homemakers— Anuradha Chandra & Dr. Varsha Rajan Berry— who wish to follow their passion in food, yet experience the joy of entrepreneurship. Our firm 'Home & Heritage' launched the brand ‘Homemakerz’ with the intent of preserving things from our heritage & reinventing their use in our present lifestyles. The journey from two homemakers to ‘Homemakerz’ began in July 2018, when we stepped out, with our hands filled with jars brimming with lip-smacking, preservative & chemical free innovative Sauces, healthy Seeds & Nuts, flavored Salts, all-time healthy Granolas, gluten-free Millet Noodles & the traditional Garam Masala. What started off in a small kitchen in Mumbai has blossomed into a natural & sustainable brand spearheading the trend of healthy eating & empowering women who choose to become a part of it.